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What is Abnormal Co?

We craft, cultivate, and share our passions
We produce beer, wine and food through our various companies; Abnormal Beer Co. Abnormal Wine Co. and our restaurant,
The Cork and Craft

The Companies In Our

Abnormal Family

est. 2012

Abnormal Wine Co.

The winery that started it all. We focus on flavor profiles we can replicate year after year

est. 2014

The Cork and Craft

Modern Californian Cuisine served in San Diego's only restaurant, winery and brewery'

est. 2015

Abnormal Beer Co.

With a focus on drinkability, we produce beers that we love and craft them to pair with food

a little about what

We Stand For



This is where it all starts. We pick the finest ingredients to start with in order to produce a product with the highest quality. We will only release a product that meets our highest expectations, and this begins with quality.



We want to be great, but a great product needs to be consistently great in order for everyone to share that experience. Consistency is not something that comes easy, but we are working every day to get there.



Each of our paths had a beginning, a starting place where we had nothing. We want to share everything we have done to elevate those around us so we may all learn and grow from our experiences.



We are all products of our surroundings, and we are thankful for our community that has made us what we are today. We will continue to give back in any way we can to build a better tomorrow for the next generation.

We know perfection is unattainable,
but that won't prevent us from trying.

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16990 Via Tazon
San Diego, CA
United States




Abnormal Wine Co. was founded with the mission of changing wine culture. Traditionally known as a "snoody" culture, Abnormal has saught to create a warm welcoming environment for those interested in wine. The craft beer community has a wonderful collaborative and educational aspect we feel the wine industry can benefit from.

Education is paramount, and we are working to increase the availabliity of not only wine knownledge, but food and pairings as well. Through our chef's tasting menu, wine and beer dinners, we are working to increase the exposure and education of pairings with food.

est. 2014

The Cork and Craft

Modern California Cuisine inside of Abnormal Wine and Beer Co.


Refined Comforts.

San Diego's first restaurant, winery and brewery, all in one. We created an open atmosphere so our guests can see all of the behind-the-scenes action from the comfort of the dining room. Kick back and enjoy the show.

Enjoyable for all ages, we serve fine dining fare in a comfortable setting. We believe in bringing top tier service and dining experience together with an ambiance that relaxes as well as complements our on-site production of craft beer and wine.

est. 2015

Abnormal Beer Co.

San Diego craft beer with a focus on drinkability and sustainability


Let's be honest, we love beer. We've decided to dedicate our waking moments to creating, and of course enjoying, new and exciting beers that add to the ever expanding list of brews the world has come to love.